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Updated: Oct 21, 2023

By Yari Leal | Created: 3 months ago

The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season has begun.

There is no telling the damage that a hurricane can cause. This year has been predicted to be a very active hurricane season with 12-17 named storms forecasted and 1-4 of them becoming major hurricanes. 2022 only had two major hurricanes, but was considered one of the costliest seasons on record. Regardless of the seasonal outlook, it only takes one storm to severely impact an area. Tropical cyclones can bring damaging winds, destructive flooding and severe weather. The most important question to ask yourself is am I prepared? Have a plan in place.. Prepare a list of emergency first responders. Do not limit yourself to one vendor. It’s possible that there will be a time when you need a company that you can trust to take action to ensure you have the best outcome and minimal damage in the worst case scenario. Have an emergency evacuation route and share it with your team. In the case an emergency evacuation is set in your area, secure furniture and other items as best as you can and go to an evacuation center near you. It is important to eliminate all possible hazards and create an emergency supply checklist. Stay in the know this hurricane season. Look over your insurance policy to make sure you have flood insurance in place if you live on a ground floor. If you receive damage to your property from a storm or hurricane, take pictures as-is post disaster for insurance purposes before you begin to clean or restore. Add Us To Your Contact List: (305) 744-6547 This message has been brought to you by SERVTEC Restoration, a preferred named industry company specializing in water and post disaster restoration. Licensed and insured, we are equipped and prepared to provide emergency relief when disaster strikes as first responders. Make sure to save our contact information on your contact list as one of the possible emergency first responders for water damage and post catastrophe property restoration. Be prepared | Stay Safe | Stay in the know this hurricane season.

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