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Latest Hurricane Season Outlook

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

By Yari Leal | Created: 1 month ago

Following a relatively calm start to the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane season, the National Hurricane Center has issued a new forecast for the rest of the season. The prevailing El Nino pattern, expected to continue into early 2024, has brought stronger wind shear that has hindered significant tropical development. So far, only five storms and one hurricane have formed.

However, the updated NHC outlook predicts a more active second half of the season, with a 60% chance of an above-average season. The projected final count is between 14 and 21 storms, including 6-11 hurricanes and 2-5 major hurricanes.

Notably, while the new storm numbers don't increase significantly, the Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) rises by over 30 points in the updated forecast. With the climatological peak approaching and the Gulf being unusually warm, any storms that form are likely to experience rapid development.

For the remainder of this year's hurricane season, the strength of the Bermuda high in the Atlantic will greatly influence whether tropical cyclones head our way. It's more probable that remnants of tropical storms could move northeast from the Gulf after landfall. As the season progresses, updates on tropical developments will be provided.

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